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Sunday, May 09, 2004

Wow! It's a new Blogger interface! I can now see quite clearly that I haven't made a post since April 23rd. Of course, I knew's just that now its obvious to me.

Anyway, as usual it's been pretty busy around here. We're getting ready to put this house on the market. (Sigh...Betty's Garden will be sold to someone else in the coming months.) I'm studying for the CPA exam (again). Google announced its IPO (yes, my husband works for Google - cool, isn't it?). And I have a cold.

I have a cold like no other. First off, I've realized that I haven't really had a serious respiratory infection for over four years. Yep, I was feigning illness before and I vow to not let myself ever feel this way again. First, I'd like to point out that my lungs (and other respiratory organs) are starting to really purge all the junk that's been collecting in my lungs for the past decade and a half. Second, I'd like to note that "healthy" smokers avoid many instances of the common cold as the insides of their mouth, nose, throat, and lungs are coated with a happy mixture of tar, mineral deposits, and some anasthetic agents, thus preventing them from getting colds and such. However, I am no longer that "healthy" smoker - for which I am quite grateful - and this cold is being coupled with the re-growth of the cilia in the nose, throat, and lungs and I am expelling all kinds of junk (yes, JUNK) from my lungs.

I am quite disappointed, though, since I was supposed to go visit with my mother and grandmother for Mother's Day. It was good call not to go, as I have felt terrible these past couple weekend days. I guess I started feeling badly on Wednesday, and I've really taken it easy this weekend, so I hope I'm in good enough shape to make it in to work tomorrow. I'm hoping that some Green Tea will help work this out.

Speaking of work, the accounting business is good. All of my clients seem to be on the upswing and my hours have really stabilized out at 32-35 hours. And everyone is paying! Being your own boss is much better when you get paid.

Okay, I promised I would try the file upload feature during this post. Wish I was here...