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Monday, March 29, 2004

Another long week has come to an end and another week begins. We had a less productive weekend this week - we played more golf and saw more friends than housework and gardening. Friday night, we went to see some friends in El Sobrante, which was a real test of my non-smoking lifestyle, since most of them smoked. Rudy was a faithful and supportive friend, though, and stayed with me throughout. Saturday, I went to help my best friend hold an open house, and we had a good visit. However, she was my model as someone who had successfully quit smoking, and because of her pending divorce, she started smoking again - and - she was smoking a lot, in front of me, which was a little rude (I thought) and very disappointing. And I'm just really sad for her. I probably shouldn't get into it now.

Anyway, this week will be busy and fun. We have a potential buyer for our house (it's not even close to being on the market yet), and I have many projects to do this week! It's stressful, but exciting, and would be worth it to me if we could sell the house without having to put it on the market.


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