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Saturday, December 20, 2003

I've finally, at long last, found a Christmas tree. I almost thought that we wouldn't have a tree this year, since we've been so busy and the weather has been wet every weekend. But today, I thought about it, and I just couldn't stand the thought of Christmas without a Christmas tree and all the other decorations. So, for $10 at Rite Aid, I purchased a crooked, 3 foot tall Noble Fir. The nice thing was that their trees were in water, which meant the tree wasn't dried out (it being pretty late in the Christmas tree season).

I've also recommitted myself to cooking more food from scratch at home. So many of today's prepackaged foods are filled with preservatives, and other strange ingredients. And I like my home-made food better. Whole Foods is a great resource for fresh fruits and vegetables, rare grains and legumes, and cruelty-free eggs and dairy. (No, I'm not turning into some health food nut...I just want to eat well.)

Back to Christmas: I still have Christmas cards to send out (although I did get about 3/4 of them out on the 15th), presents to wrap, and cookies to bake. One the cookies - for those of you who were expecting holiday cookie baskets, you will probably receive "New Year's" goodies instead. My last Christmas party appearance will be tonight, at a friend's house in Livermore. On the actual holidays - Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, we will be visiting friends and family, both near and far. Christmas Eve we'll be up in Oakland and Christmas Day we'll be driving down to the Central Valley to visit with mothers, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, brothers and sisters.

New Year's Eve, we are planning on hosting a small get-together; but nothing like last year's New Year's Eve party. This year, we'll just have a casual dinner, champagne toast, and good company. Let me know if you want to come!


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