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Wednesday, December 03, 2003

The holiday season has hit me full force here at home, and at work, as I work on budgeting time for Christmas projects - baking, cards, decorating and way too many parties. So many people are throwing holiday parties and dinners this year, but I am finding less time to coordinate attending all of them. I do have my Christmas gift shopping completed, but I still have yet to wrap everything that I bought.

Which brings me to another concern. The cats and Christmas decorations. Both Happy and Mr. Slinky have peculiar interests that need to be addressed this season. Happy seems to be uncontrollably drawn to anything round, and feels the need to play with it. We lost several Christmas tree ornaments last year, and I'm working on a plan to avoid the same this year. Mr. Slinky, on the other hand, has a compulsive desire to eat or lick anything plastic - that does include the decorative ribbons and bows I usually place on Christmas gifts. I may have to add bows when presents are in transit to their recipients, or just abstain from bows and ribbons altogether.

With any luck, I'll have the presents wrapped and the cards sent out within the next few days. And then we move on to cookie-baking. Expect a full report.


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