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Wednesday, September 24, 2003

Today ended up being a very productive day. I had plenty of work to do for one of my clients - and exciting work at that. My day began with securing financing and leases and ended with overviewing a business plan and revisiting my MBA/strategic management knowledge.

Even more exciting, I'm going to see my friend Michelle on Friday for "Girls' Night Out." I have plans to pick tomatoes and figure out how to run DVD movies off my computer, as well as trying to remember my bathing suit. It's good to have something to look forward to at the end of the week.

We also watched the gubernatorial debate tonight - all the major players were there - and the house is now filled with a tense, static energy. The amount of contention between the candidates was overwhelming, to the point where it was painful to try and hear each candidates' statements. More interesting was the commentary afterward about "who won." I'm less interested in who won, but more interested in core facts. Major statements that I heard tonight - Huffington has plans to 'mend' Prop. 13, which would affect many homeowners and business owners in the pocketbook, perhaps to the degree where they would be forced to sell. Bustamante wants to raise taxes, but I'm not sure to what degree and which taxes. Schwarzenegger wants to move more funds and control back to the local governments, for the benefit of local governments. McClintock wants to stick to core republican values, which includes not raising taxes as a source of revenue. Camejo wants to have public health care and utilization of pension fund ownership over corporate management. You decide - October 7th.

I don't normally post on political issues, but the dynamics of this event was so moving and stressful, I just felt I had to make a statement.


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