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Sunday, September 07, 2003

This weekend, we successfully moved my mom out of her Livermore storage unit (her furniture, not her personally) and into her new house in Hanford. Although I only helped on the Livermore end, I hear that everything was delivered and unloaded successfully. I've been called twice by the client I fired - once on Saturday and again on Sunday. Unfortunately, Saturday I was moving furniture and helping at a garage sale and Sunday I was cleaning out my car. I guess I didn't notice the blinking lights on the answering machine (add your own sarcasm as you read).

Food: Lunch - herb-crusted cutlet (Gardenburger) on a whole wheat bun with lettuce and home-grown tomato and curried coleslaw. Dinner - faux chicken (Qworn) pot pie and salad. Treat for tomorrow: Banana nut bread.

Home: FINALLY cleaned out my car. It was full of golf balls, old papers and miscellaneous garbage. It looks really nice and respectable inside now. Paid bills and cleaned up the house clutter as well.

Study: I'm waiting until tomorrow, unless I get really, really bored (which I doubt, since I bought the Two Towers today and am dying to watch it)!


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