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Wednesday, September 03, 2003

This business of working for four clients instead of two can be a little draining. So many requests! But working with the 'new' clients is turning out to be fun, despite some small technical difficulties (I have my own laptop that I sync up with my clients' accounting systems). The old business is tiring, to say the least. The owner is very poor at communicating his expectations, and we have had a couple of crossed wires since the closing. This miscommunication went over the top when he started talking to me about his new business. I had a moment of strength - I told him I could not take on any more clients.

Although I gave him the "CPA Exam" excuse, I really just felt that if I had to work with him on his new business, that I would go completely mad. I should have told him that he needed to hire a personal assistant - not an accountant. Just to clarify - have you seen the movie 'Two Weeks Notice'? - it would be just like that, only she was a lawyer (and I'm an accountant), she got a much bigger salary, and she fell in love with her ridiculous boss. Not in the cards for me. No where near.

Anyway, on to other things...

Food: Lentil-Rice loaf (Morningstar Farms) with mashed potatoes, vegetarian gravy, mustard greens and biscuits. (Note: Vegetarian gravy - melt 2 T butter, add 3 T whole wheat flour until it soaks up the butter, stir in 1 C good vegetable stock, bring to a boil stirring frequently until thickened, lower heat and add 1 T soy sauce.)

Home: Cleaned up my old computer workstation by adding a tablecloth and sorter bins for my accumulated papers. Also hid cat litter box under the "clothed" desk.

Study: Ran out of time.


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