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Friday, September 19, 2003

I've been too busy to post the past four days. Between Blogspot crises, car problems, work issues and personal faults, I have been unable to post my usual ramblings about the garden, my cats and other junk. And, yes, Happy still thinks that Mr. Slinky's tail is a toy.

On Tuesday, I went to one of those quickie auto shops to get a smog check (after realizing that I had failed to realize that requirement of re-registering my car this week). To my utter disappointment, the car failed. And not only did it just "fail," it failed by 16 parts per million of hydrocarbons at idle. Thats 0.21%!!! And I really couldn't get a satisfactory answer from the technicians as to why it passed by such a small margin. I usually don't name names, but I'll tell you, don't take your car to a Speedy Oil Change for anything, unless you want to be taken advantage of.

This story has a happy ending...I called the Saturn dealership and talked to a service tech there and it seemed that the car was probably not warmed up enough to do a "proper" smog check. So the next day, I took my Saturn to my local service station and the car passed smog. Hmph. The moral of the story: you get what you pay for with auto service; if you take your car to a trusted shop (mine is S & D Automotive in San Ramon) you will get a better-quality repair person working on your car. It costs more, but it's worth it.

The rest of the week had its problem moments as well, but today, we glide into another (hopefully) restful weekend. The garden is a mess, and I think it's time to remove some plants and start a fall/winter garden. I'll keep you posted.


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