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Thursday, May 08, 2003

Another day has come to a last!!!

I actually had a very productive and good day. Thursdays, I go in to the city to do bookkeeping work for a private Spanish School - Weekend en Espanol. They grow on me more each time I'm there. I just love the fact that despite uncertain economic times, they're ever hopeful for creating "the dream." Of course, my friend Kendra works there, so the job is that much more enjoyable.

And, I have fun in the city. For just one day, I get to feel the pace of city life. Running to catch the bus. Having exact change. Not worrying about my car. And, looking at the beautiful houses and scenery. I'm usually beat by the time I return to suburbia, though. So tonight we just ordered pizza, hung out with the cats, and watched basketball (not really my favorite, but good for falling asleep to!

Rudy is reading over my shoulder as I type, and I feel pressured to get going...


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