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Sunday, March 30, 2003

The end of a very exciting week is at last coming to an end. I've been sitting here at my computer, preparing for this next week's schedule of events. Last week, I had the excitement of starting as a freelance accountant, one day with a new client. After how things went this week, I have to say that I like both clients much better than I did last week. In addition to feeling like I really used my time well, I had enough extra time this week to take care of the usual and unusual demands of life. My garden is in place, the house is mostly in order, and things are right on track.

Now, for this coming week. I'm afraid I will be very busy, as I have my normal duties and am expecting a visit from the IRS. I don't know how much fun I can pack into this week!!! My small business, Nekko Systems is being audited - and you should see the list of things they're asking for! Most of it is laughable, and I don't suppose that the auditors will be here more than half a day, once they see that this is a home-business with few deductions and very little income. I do think this will probably be a good experience for me, as an accountant by profession.

No pictures don't want to see the stack of paperwork I've had to accumulate.


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