The Accountant's Garden

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Saturday, January 25, 2003

I'm sorry for another long delay in posting...its been a very busy month. Not in the garden so much as other little life projects. The garden is pretty much in hibernation mode, waiting for the winter to cease pummelling it with the cold and rain. My tomato plant is still producing fruit, but they are slow to ripen. I do have some winter vegetables growing, but very, very slowly - green onions, lettuce, broccoli and asparagus. I'm not too hopeful for the asparagus, as its been sprouted for months now and hasn't grown more than a few inches.

So what's been keeping us busy? Well, at the beginning of the month, I went in to have my varicose veins removed. Interesting procedure. I've since been to my follow-up appointment and the doctors say I'm healing very well, which is good news. The whole healing process takes six to eight weeks, and I'm happy to be on the shorter end of the time frame.

But you don't want to hear about medical want to know what we've been working on and playing in. Work - we spend enough time at our jobs that we really don't want to discuss it. But on the side, we've been working on our side business, Nekko Information Systems. We developed two new products this month (and sold them to a new client!) and we'll be FINALLY launching the redesigned TVAR website at the end of this month. I'm adding these to my links and the side of the page.

In addition to the new Nekko business, I've decided to increase my professional credentials. A good friend talked me in to making a decision about taking the CPA exam. So, for better or for worse, I'll be sitting in the California CPA exam in May. I have already begun to review old accounting class notes, reading my college textbooks, and studying using a program I purchased to help prep for the actual exam.

So now that you know that my plate is pretty full, you can expect that I won't be making another post anytime soon. But I will try and updated this blog at least once a month. And I'll try and get a picture up here soon. Keep checking every so often.