The Accountant's Garden

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Monday, October 21, 2002

Well, most of the garden is coming to a close for the fall...we have removed many of the larger plants, either because they were dying off or we were just flat tired of eating their fruit. All in all, we had a pretty good year. Last weekend I filled up my entire green waste container with one zucchini plant that had taken over a good portion of the yard. This past weekend, we removed all but one of the tomato plants and the cucumber plant. (If you see my picture from two weeks ago and compare it with this week's, you'll see a big difference).

I plan to trellis plants up on the fence along the back, when the weather gets warmer. I may try planting some peas for the cooler season, and I'll be filling those empty planter buckets with herbs. I don't think you can see in the picture, but I transpanted my strawberries to the ground right in front of the fence, since they were outgrowing their planter.

We also celebrated our first wedding anniversary this weekend. We had a great day--went to church and got blessed, hit some golf balls, watched some football, saw the Opera "Carmen" and had dinner with our families. We also found that the top of our wedding cake had preserved quite nicely in the freezer. We had a small bite...not bad.